Thursday, November 08, 2007


Oh, my sad and neglected blog!
Here, just for fun, is a list of recent articles and reviews I've written, for your reading pleasure.
Thanks for stopping by, more to come soon, promise!

Metromix - Ramen Smackdown
Metromix - The Chowdown
Citysearch - Crave Ceviche
Citysearch - Tori Shin
Citysearch - Kingswood
Time Out New York - Entertainment Restaurants
Time Out New York - Hot Ice Cream
Daily Candy - Bubba Rose Dog Treats
Daily Candy - Community Food & Juice

Update 11/27: a few more.

Citysearch - Patroon
Citysearch - New restaurant roundup
Metromix - Market Dining

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Wanda said...

You write very well.